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The "Silly-Signs" Page

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And this would be just the grass under the sign?


So, if there's no "warning signs" then what would this be?


For some strange reason, this sign didn't make me feel very safe.


On the TV? If it's turned off, can I sue? 


"Enforced"? Hmm, dive-bombing maybe? Or gun turrets on the aircraft?
"Ha! You'll never stop me, Batman!!"


You definitely want to stay away from mountain lions when they're high.
Or would this mean that the mountain lions are only at high altitudes?
Or is there a high amount of mountain lion activity?
I'm confused.


Uhm, so what is the date? A half a day? Or is this a real April Fool's joke?


Hmm, "by switch"? That doesn't sound very "automatic" to me.


A little late, I think I could have used this sign for my ex mother-in-law


Well, I guess that speling is not a majur factur when it comes to rowed crews


I don't know who Stevenson Kennewick is, but he sure seems to be popular in Washington. I didn't see any signs welcoming me into to state.
(okay, that one's not really funny. But I gave it a shot) comment.


Wow, that's some fast teeter-tottering


Uhm..... "Yogi"???


I guess somebody doesn't like Ted Simpson very well.


Yeah, you just can't trust those beach logs. Although I think their bark is worse than their bite.


Okay, this one wasn't really funny. But somebody gave me some bad directions at Christmas and I really got Scrooged.


So what part of this sign just screams out, "DUH!!"??


"Dude, I forgot, now are we picking up pizzas here? or girls?"


It was actually a pretty boring fair with only one art, and one craft.


Oh my Gosh!!


Now the rest of these signs may not be too funny to anybody else. 
But for some strange sadistic reason, I just get a kick out of warning and hazard signs.

"Jellyfish"? I don't know, I think they look more like mutant, butt-sucking sea monkeys.


Hmm, looks more like a "head" break to me.


All I can say is "That's gotta hurt".


Yep, another painful visual.


Okay, these are not signs, but how about some stupid labels?

"Natural Daylight"? Wow, powerful lamp.
Read my full write-up here


Hmm, you suppose I could have used this on my ex-girlfriend?


Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Coca-Cola originally have Cocaine in the "Original Formula"?


Ahh, don't you just love marketing strategies? If there's "Nothing Diet About It", then why buy a diet soda?



Well, that's all I got for now. I hope you enjoyed them. 
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