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All on a motorcycle, beginning at our nation's capital and heading north, my map, [click above], displays the route, in green, with active links to sites of interest.

As I traveled, my original, "proposed" route changed dramatically throughout my trip.

A Few Goals

With a primary goal of seeing and sharing as much of the country as possible, I had planned to cover over 25,000 miles and cross 49 states, including parts of Canada and Mexico. I achieved that goal and more, by covering over 30,000 miles, which is much farther than the circumference of the earth.

A secondary goal was to raise money and awareness for the preservation and conservation of our wildlife and natural resources. Proceeds from my trip would have gone to the Nature Conservancy. Unfortunately I didn't receive the attention and recognition that I had hoped for and did not raise any money. However I still would like for anybody to follow the links below and donate to this great cause.

Right click on the following link to download the PDF file of my original leaflet and handout.
Feel free to download it and print it.

Economic development is constantly encroaching on our natural resources.
I feel that it is our inherent and utmost responsibility to make a stand now, for our planet as well as for our future generations.
Click here to read more about why I chose this group.

The trip was completed in mid-November of 2002. Click here to browse through the journey, state by state.
The Flags

Click here to see some of the other wonderful people that helped support my endeavor:

As stated above, proceeds from my trip would have gone to the Nature Conservancy and I am still planning on much more to complete this odyssey. Hopefully I may still be able to generate some sort of recognition for this accomplishment and be able to help. By finishing up my trip in a full color book I would like to share my adventure with a much wider audience. 
Please help if you can and I will still gladly add your name to my list of supporters.

Please feel free to donate directly to The Nature Conservancy at the site above and tell them that I sent you.


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