Photographical Saturday


September 09, 2006


* Natural Daylight? *

So it's time for a "Silly Saturday" picture. 
This picture came straight off of a box supplying a small, florescent desktop light fixture. Every comment on the label cracked me up and I just had to share it.

"See with Amazing Clarity and Comfort!"
I'm sorry, but this light didn't do any justice to my eyesight. Although, just reading the label made me think with amazing clarity. Yeah, I'm so much smarter now.

"It's Like - Natural Daylight - Indoors"
This is my favorite part of this label. I mean, as we all know, florescent light is just about the furthest from natural daylight.
Yeah, this massive, "13 Watt" fixture made the rest of the lights in the house dim when I turned it on. Of course after resetting all the breakers in the house from the surge it caused, the electric company called me to ask why their system grid took such a huge drain at that very moment.
Funny though, I didn't see a warning label on the box, expressing the need to cover my eyes, or use protective eyewear, before turning it on. Although I did get a bad sun burn when I sat in front of it too long. Should I sue?

"Perfectly Designed for the Human Eye"
I'm really not sure how they even came up with this comment. I mean, it's just a simple florescent lamp for crying out loud. I think that I would like to see their research documentation on this.

"Makes Reading Easier"
Wow, do you mean I can finally understand all those really big words now?

"Low Heat, Low Glare Helps Reduce Eyestrain"
I think this actually contradicts the first part of the label. I mean, if it's like natural daylight, I can't see how it's low glare. This comment was actually not true anyway. The light did produce quite a glare and had to be turned away as it was rather annoying.

All in all, I would have to say that, even though this thing was only 13 watts, it did put out quite a bit of light. But "natural daylight"? No way. It's just a good cheap light. So why don't they just advertise it that way? 

here's my simplified label:

"Good Cheap Lamp"
enough said