Game Crossing

Well, finally, here it is. The "Game Crossing" page.

Here you can view some of the many "game crossing" signs that I came across on my journey. I thought it quite interesting that some of the animals were depicted in all of these various different ways and shapes. 


First of all we can see the differences in the deer crossings. I found it quite humorous that some deer are fat and some deer are skinny. 


Some deer are quite active and can jump high, while other deer just skip across the road.


Then some deer were just plain silly, like Bambi and the goofy deer on the right.


The various different elk signs show that signs are probably not all made from the same place. The first image is a little odd and almost looks as if the elk has some strange antenna on its head.


The first moose here wasn't too bad, but the second one was a little odd shaped. It might make someone wonder what they were actually looking for.


The first buffalo sign below was one of the only neon orange signs that I saw. It was also one of the most accurate of all the game crossing signs. As we all know, animals never follow the rules and you hardly ever see one anywhere near their designated crossing areas. However, in this case, a small herd of buffalo was less than a mile from the sign.


I had to take this picture of the tortoise sign in the dark. But I think that it was the only tortoise sign that I saw on my trip. And quite possibly the only one I've ever seen in my life. I did hear from somebody that the desert tortoise is in danger. Unfortunately I never got to see one.


Also unfortunate, I never got to see one of the bighorn sheep either. 


Now there were lots of domestic cow signs along the way. However, wouldn't this "Open Range" sign mean that you are allowed to shoot anything on the road? Especially cows?


Then there's this sign from Mexico, which was my favorite. Although I never did get a chance to see one of the mechanical robot cows, I was really keeping an eye out for them and hoped to get a glimpse of one. That would have really been a sight. 


Now for the different horse crossing signs. I thought that the second one here looked more like a dog.


And for a transition to the next set, here is the equestrian crossing.


Then finally for the people crossings. Now I totally was on the lookout for the people on the left but I don't have any sympathy for the people on the right that seem to walk right down the middle of the road.

Now all of these signs here displayed that there was some kind of game crossing. But somebody should really take the time out to train some of these animals to cross the highways in the right places. Other than the one small herd of buffalo in the Yukon, I never did see any of them crossing where they were suppose to be. 

But trust me, they were crossing everywhere else.


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