Travel and Adventure

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Road Trip 2006

Follow me as I explore the Pacific Northwest and various other places


An enormous endeavor that took me over 30,000 miles, more than 4 months, lots of interesting stories, and more than 2,000 amazing images


Oregon 2001

Explore some of these wonderful sights from the beautiful state of Oregon from a trip back in 2001


Karla Brown

The cataloged adventure my friend took walking across America


Coming soon:
Please check back for
China: 1994-1996, Australia: 1998, and Hawaii: 2005

Boy am I slow? I do hope to get something up here. I promise


Also:  look for
The Adventures of Yuki Uchiyama
(As soon as I find him)

A six-year plan to ride a bicycle around the world? Is he crazy? Is he lost? Who knows?