About Danny Gali

    Is he Sven Gali's evil twin brother? Well, not quite. But here you can find out all there is to know about me. Well, as soon as I finish writing it all in here. And I will be posting more pictures from my childhood as soon as I dig them up.

    My full name is David Daniel Gali II. I was born in a small town in Texas on April 10, 1963. I am currently living in San Diego, CA. I moved out here in 2010, after being in Arizona for several years, attempting to help start a new business centered around processing sewage and municipal waste into various products. But before I go into very much detail about the current, I will have to go way back and start from the beginning. Well, not exactly "the beginning", I mean the beginning of me.

    Years ago my father was stationed in Texas at the Lacklan Air Force base, near San Antonio. He met my mother and they were married sometime later. Dad was then re-stationed to Indiana where my sister was born on October of 1961. After my father was out of the service they headed back to Oregon and then back to Texas. Apparently I was conceived at a forth of July party and was born in April of 1963, in the small town of Rockdale, Texas, approximately 50 miles from Austin, as the crow flies.

    Coming from families scattered between Oregon and Texas caused us to move around a lot while I was growing up. It seemed like my parents couldn't make up their minds where they wanted to live. Of course not being the most compatible pair in the world, they were often in conflict and, before I knew the reasons why, we were moving again. 

    They were living in Washington state when I was about 4 years old, in 1967, and moved back to Texas when I was 5, 1968. They lived in Greenville, Texas until I was 6 and then moved to Waco, Texas where I started in the first grade in 1969. They moved to the town of Millersburg, Oregon in the middle of my 2nd grade year in 1970. Then to my father's small home town of Scio, Oregon when I entered the 3rd grade in 1971. They actually stayed there for quite a few years. But, after another separation, we moved to the very small town of Cross Roads, Texas, where we lived with our grandmother during the summer and starting my 7th grade year of school. It was 1975.

    My parents tried to resolve some of their differences so my father moved back to Texas and found a place in a very small town, Richland, Texas. Richland is about 11 miles south of Corsicana, Texas, where I finished the 7th grade in 1976.

    We lived in Richland through half of my 8th grade year and then moved back to Scio, Oregon in 1977. It was there that my parents stayed into and through most of my high school years and, as my parents split up again, my mother moved back to Texas. But this time she went alone. Close to the end of my senior year of high school my father had really succumbed to a lifestyle of drinking and was not able to pay all the bills. So right after my senior year of high school I immediately went to work myself to help be able to take care of some of the bills. It was 1981.

    After some time an uncle from Montana, offered me the option to come and stay with him and his wife. I took him up on the offer and headed to Montana to stay there for a while. At the time my uncle had a 12,000 acre ranch where I tried my best to help out as much as possible. I soon got a job working for a friend of my uncle. He owned and raised colonies of honey bees. With colonies spread out over 100 miles in every direction, he definitely had his work cut out for him. We went out every morning to collect hives full of honey. Back to the warehouse in the afternoon to extract the honey and the next day, do it all over again. It was quite a physically demanding job, but still pretty interesting and fun. He was a really neat guy and had a great attitude.

    The isolation of living on a ranch, about 14 miles out and away from the small town of Broadus, Montana was taking its toll on me and, without my own vehicle to get around, made it much too isolated. So I then went to Hulett, Wyoming to stay with an aunt and her husband. I immediately went to work for them at their Amoco station there in the middle of town. Hulett is a beautiful quaint little town nestled in the hills, in the northeast corner of the state. Only ten miles from the Devil's Tower national monument, it had some beautiful scenery.

    I stayed there for a while until my aunt finally put her foot down and told me that I needed to get more of an education so I agreed and took a bus back to Oregon to live with my parents again. My mother had come back and they were together again.

    I soon got a job working at an airport in Albany, Oregon. Assisting mechanics and fueling planes, it was actually a pretty neat job to have. I loved being around aircraft and occasionally got to go up during check rides and various tasks. But as their busy part of the season was about over, I was laid off. I got a job at a nearby canning company.

    I was soon offered to come and stay with another uncle in Dallas, Texas, so I did. At 20 years old I moved there in 1983 and immediately went to work for him and his business, Giga Company. Still working at Texas Instruments at that time, he would come by the shop every day after he left his other job. He had quite a large group of professionals all working for him and providing service and support for a wide variety of businesses in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Focusing primarily in the semiconductor industry provided me with the great opportunity to learn a lot about the technology that has spawned the computer age. I learned a great deal of skills and quickly familiarized myself with electronics and engineering. 

    I eventually got my own apartment and started taking some courses at a nearby community college and gradually began working towards a degree.

    I found a local tech school that allowed me to use my work experience as credits and took on one of their degree plans and, taking numerous courses here and there. Over several years I worked my way through and finally got an engineering degree.

    I had quit working for my uncle's business and went to work for a new company, DAC Enterprises. As their head electronics technician, we began developing numerous products for various industries. That company didn't last long and closed so I went back to work at Giga.

    In 1984 I was involved in a serious accident. I was broad-sided and suffered serious head injuries. I was left with short span amnesia that gradually went away with time. It probably took a good full year before I was totally able to recover and was relatively back to normal. Which, of course, is just a frame of mind anyway. I think.

    My memory was considerably compromised to where I could not remember what I had done from one day to the next. Not being able to remember things caused serious problems with my job and I was forced to leave. I immediately went to work installing burglar alarms. This was a perfect job for me at the time. Working with a lead installer, he told me exactly what I needed to do and, working at a different house every day, it was not really necessary for me to remember specifics of the day before. Which, now that I think about it, was probably better for the customers. I wouldn't remember how to get into their houses even if I wanted to. Nor did I even remember where the house was.

    While installing alarms I had worked with a and met some wonderful people during those years. But I also met some rather undesirable people and worked with quite a few that had no problem with taking advantage of people. I was very pleased with the fact that I was actually helping people by building their protection against intruders or perpetrators and making them feel more secure. But there were others that were just trying to make a buck off of these individual's fears. They would try to sell the largest system possible in order to make an extra buck. Many of our customers were elderly and it began to upset me when I realized what some of these people were doing. 

    But, as time progressed and my mental capacity was somewhat back to normal, I was able to resume my career in the semiconductor field. I had gradually started working part time at Giga again and ended up getting a full time job at a fast growing company, Silicon Materials Service, whom I had already been providing tech support for some time. 

    A little more than a year later I was offered a job with another company I had provided service for in the past. Custom Decorative Systems was a screen printing company. The owner was a good friend and needed somebody to work as his production manager, which also would give him a full time technician on the premises. After about a year there, he ran into a major financial crunch and was forced to let me go.

    During this time, my uncle, at Giga had been communicating with a group in China and was working on a contract to manufacture a custom piece of equipment for a research project they were working on. Growing and compounding gallium and arsenic to provide a high grade semiconductor material. I got on board with him again and became the Vice President of Giga and we built a very impressive machine from the ground up. This horizontal furnace to compound and grow the material may have been the largest one at the time. But after shipping the equipment my uncle had sold Giga to a person that was primarily focused on the welding and machine shop capabilities.

    It was at this time that I started up my own business, "Galixy Technical Services" where I basically did the same work and support, for all the same customer base, but just for myself. All my customers didn't care who I worked for, just as long as I did the work for them.

    But I first had to go to China and assist with the installation and support for the machine that we made at Giga. I was there for almost a month in November of 1994.

    China was an incredible place. While there I got to visit the Great Wall and the Shao Lin temple as well as various other places of interest. The people were so friendly and I made some wonderful friends while I was there.

    Back in the states I resumed my business and eventually, for another company, made about 5 more trips to China throughout the next year.

    In 1995 I dropped my business to start working full time as a facilities manager for a friend as we built a new company, International Silicon Solutions. Our initial production was the polishing, cleaning and sorting of silicon wafers. 

    In 1997 I was offered a job as a facility manager for Virginia Semiconductor in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I moved out in September of that year.

    In October of 1997 my grandmother in Texas passed away. In November of 1998 my grandmother in Oregon passed away, and in December, so did my father.

    I started skydiving in March of 1999.

    I had bought a motorcycle and in April of 1999, took a trip to Texas and back to Virginia. 

    I lost my job at Virginia Semiconductor in July of 2001. 

    I started working a little for a friend , remodeling houses up in the D.C. area. I was actually working in D.C., about five minutes down the freeway from the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Although we were far enough away from the "heat", it still made me think differently. Because of the traffic of the sudden exodus from the city, we were basically stuck in town for the rest of the day, so we finished the day of work. I worked a few more days in D.C. after that but not for much longer.

    I then started working part time at a local music store in Fredericksburg, Picker's Supply, and began playing in the band at the Ni River Community Church.

    From there I met a lot of wonderful people and suddenly found myself with lots of odd jobs here and there. 

    So, in 2002, still not having found full time employment, I actually stopped looking. I was keeping myself busy and had a reasonable income, enough to pay rent and all the primary necessities. So I came up with the idea to take a motorcycle trip across the country. After all, I rode to Texas and back, without any problems. I felt I could easily ride from Virginia to Oregon and back. I didn't have a job, but for some strange reason I felt like I needed a vacation.

    So I did. On July 4th, 2002, I began the Great American Adventure and rode around the country. I crossed 49 states, including Alaska. I went to the far side of Newfoundland Canada, to the bottom or Baja, Mexico, and to the bottom of the Florida Keys. It took me over four and a half months and over 30,000 miles. I cataloged the whole journey on my web site and updated and posted the information as I traveled. I met some amazing and wonderful people along the way and I will always remember them. It was a life altering experience and I grew to see the world and life and people in a totally different perspective. A life and a world with new meaning and new boundaries.

    After returning I continued to play in the church and resumed working at the music store and resumed all the other things I was doing for income.

    I soon began to start teaching music lessons to a variety of people. Primarily from people at church, my list of students grew and I found myself relatively busy.

    A friend had gone into a partnership and bought a local restaurant/bar/club. Orbit's was quite popular in the area. He asked me if I could occasionally help him after hours at the door, carding and monitoring the people. Yes, I became a bouncer for a while. It was fun. The money wasn't bad and I met a lot of people. 

    Sponsored by Pickers Supply, I had started hosting an open-mic night at the Border's book store in Fredericksburg. The first Tuesday of every month became a very popular event. It was the only open-mic in town that was open to all ages.

    So we decided to start the same thing at Orbit's on every Sunday. It was growing and becoming more popular for a while.

    So, for several years now, my uncle had been working on a new project. The ability to process sewage and municipal waste into various different fuels. As it proved it would work, this process became a reality, and in May of 2004, I moved out to Tucson Arizona, to help build a new company to follow more research on this project.

    After settling in, and with the company not being lucrative yet, I quickly got myself involved with a community church here in Tucson. The Community Church of the Foothills was very similar in their approach to the Ni River Community Church that I had grown so close with in Virginia.     

    I soon met and found a new group of friends here and have started teaching music lessons here as well.

    Still waiting for the new project and company to come into fruition, I am building this web site with the goal of providing me with even more possible sources of income.

    Companies should take note that there is an option to advertise on this fast growing web site. With the thousands of pictures, artwork, stories and adventures, it has been drawing quite a lot of attention over the past few years.

    Also, with all the artwork I now have in my archives I can now feel comfortable in being able to supply customers with a product. So let me know if you ever want to buy any prints or files. I will soon be posting a store on this site for the purpose of selling prints and artwork.    

    I will be updating this page in time and filling in a lot of the blank spaces.

For now please contact me personally for more information


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