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Here you can find out all the information you need to know about me and my business, past history, present, and future.


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What is Galixy Productions?
"Is it some strange web based cult to try to assemble galaxies?"
Well no, but click and you will find complete details about the history, present and the future of this business.

Who is Danny Gali?
"Is he Sven's evil twin brother?"
No, not exactly, but click on my name to find a detailed description about who I am, where I came from. And hopefully where I'm going.

Who is Danny Galixy??
"It's a bird, its a plane... Is he Superman? Is he Batman? He seems like some egotistical guy that thinks he's "all that?" Actually no.
A story about my alter ego and where he came from, and why. Click on the name to find out more...


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