Products and Services

With a very vivid and creative imagination, I have always tried to be a very diverse individual, and, over the years have become quite proficient at a wide variety of different skills and professions in many fields of expertise. In the past few years I have decided to expand my career path and give all of these skills a chance to flourish and be manipulated and employed in a variety of ways. With that in mind I have been remained in self employment status so that I may be flexible in providing clients and associates with the ability to support them in a manner that can be beneficial to all parties involved.

Currently I'm working on filling up this page with more products and services, and links with descriptions for all of them.

For now, please view from the following items and contact me for more information:

Products Services
Images Web Design & Support
Screensavers Graphic Design & Image Enhancement
Wallpapers Music Production & Composition
Posters Voice-Overs & Vocal Performances
Music and CD's Singing and Performing
Videos Digital Photography
Books Technical Consulting and Engineering, Computer Support and Process Equipment Repair and Maintenance
Merchandise Music Lessons, Coaching, and Instruction
Musical Instrument Repair and Maintenance

Web design, graphics art and design, image manipulation and restoration, etc.
Technical consulting, computer and process equipment maintenance, etc.
Private music lessons and instruction for all instruments including vocal coaching.

All of these products and services will eventually be laid out in more detail.

For now please contact me personally for more information


Please be patient, these pages are currently under construction