Seize Your Day

Seize your day, don't be afraid to walk out that door
Seize your day don't be afraid to make that change

This particular piece is a fine example of the ability of how to manipulate and use a studio. It provides us with the option of creating all the various different instrumentations by manipulating the different recorded tracks within the structure. This is actually, what started out as only a two minute piece, with various different tracks, turned on and off, as I felt the desire, and create the whole outcome. So many options could result from such an endeavor. This one here, resulting in more than a 13 minute composition was originally structured to be able to assemble just a piece at a time.

((Click on the speaker to play the music))

No there aren't very many words here for this piece. This song was originally composed in various different layers to fit a short video series project that was never really completed.

I had begun working on a project for the Ni River Community Church in Fredericksburg, VA. The project was to consist of seven different videos to correspond to the seven different messages in a series entitled, "Seize the Day". The videos were to portray an average, normal man (Norman), being faced with very realistic problems. 

"A Day in the Life of Norman" became my focus of attention. Working directly with the youth pastor, Dave Schlee, we sat down and wrote the script for the whole series which was all to be no longer than about two minutes each. After beginning the project I decided that I wanted to compose the music for the videos all myself, with each one being relatively the same song, but slightly different. I started out with my recording hardware in my studio and began to lay down tracks for a total length of about two minutes. 

This piece began to grow as I added more and more tracks. But still only about two minutes long.

First came the piano, then the guitar. Drums, and a bass, and vocal after vocal, I kept adding things as I felt the mood. 

The first video was almost finished so I mixed down the music for that by selecting various tracks from my composition. In my attempt at a little creativity I opened up the video with the music. The camera view panned past a clock radio as the music faded and the morning DJ (my voice) prompted a rather annoying wake up call. "And that was 'Seize Your Day' by Danny Galixy. Yes, that's right people, wake up, get out of bed, Seize that day!" was immediately silenced with Norman resetting the alarm numerous times.

The next video was worked on and I did the same for the background music. This time it was just the piano version as Norman arrived to his small office and checked his voice messages.

But after the second video was presented at church, the response was not so great and the project was cut short, and the Norman series was discontinued. "Killed-off" as you might say.

Although I had hoped to eventually finish the videos, I never did, and never did any more with the theme song. But one day I opened it up and decided to somewhat mix it down a little. 

I looped the whole two minute piece over and over while I changed various tracks around and recorded the result. This whole compilation of all these tracks represents some of the possible mixes that might have been used in the "Norman" series.

Although, as I was rushed in recording the original, and it was never finished and polished up, you can still hear the flaws in the bass and various off-key vocal parts.

Besides, in my my own defense, or excuse, every instrument and vocal part was performed by me and I must admit that I do stink equally well at everything.


All songs and files were written, composed, performed, and produced by me,
Danny Gali

Copyright 2006 / Galixy Productions / All rights reserved