!! Caption Contest !!

The contest is finished and it was a tie.
Although one of my own entries got the most points I certainly couldn't call myself the winner and give myself the prize.

I got numerous votes in for the various entries in the caption contest. After receiving a lot more votes to try break a tie, I finally called it a draw as they all kept coming in, equally for both.

Caption #19, as well as some of the other very creative entries, was submitted by Shane McGroarty of Charlottesville, Virginia, and a good friend from Skydive Orange. (The best drop zone in the world). www.skydiveorange.com. And a warm congratulations to both Shane and his fiancée, Carrie, for having just become engaged. You go buddy.

Caption #36, as well as many other, very creative "Gary Larson-ish" entries, was submitted by Greg Brumbach, of Fredericksburg, Virginia and a good friend from the Ni River Community Church. www.NiRiver.org

They will both receive any print of their choice, or a print of the birds with their caption.

Thanks for playing. And thanks for all the wonderful and creative entries from everyone that played.

Below is the complete list of the accumulated potential captions.

Votes #


  1 Well, if we're going to go in, we have to put one foot in front of the other. So how is that going to work?
  2 Hey I think you're right. If we go in like this we won't get all of our feet wet.
3 3  If you think you don't have a leg to stand on, just remember, you're not alone.
  4 You know, I bet only a chicken would jump in with both feet.
  5 You know, I have to admit this is a pretty fowl idea.
8 6 Left leg stupid. left leg.
1 7 Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Internationally Renowned Mexican Sand Piper Flamingo Impersonators.
  8 Dude, I told you this looked stupid.
  9 Okay, ready to swap legs? On my count. 1, 2, 3....
1 10 The reincarnation of Larry, Moe, and Curly.
  11 Recent scientific studies have discovered that one out of every three birds would be right handed. If they had hands.
  12 For many years scientists have speculated the birds would often stand on one leg in order to keep the foot warm and preserve body heat. But more recent studies have revealed that they do this just because they're stupid.
3 13 During the leg-standing-contest, Stewart cheated and quickly swapped legs while the other two weren't looking.
2 14 During mating season, the male sand piper often raises one leg to show its stamina, in an attempt to attract a potential female. But in actuality, much like almost all other species, this display of masculinity only impresses other male sand pipers. Go figure.
  15 While waiting for the tide to come in............
  16 left, left, right?
  17 birds eileen
  18 balancing pipers
7 19 cirque du sole leg
  20 Anything you can do I can do better.
2 21 Super-impose ants, or worms going on a picnic, Caption: Stan, I forgot my sun block lets have the pinyin under the trees.
  22 Okay Earl, it's been 3 days and I'm starving. When did you say that guy from the Guinness record book was coming by?"
  23 During mating season, Earnest, Bill, and Sam try to get a "leg up" on the competition.
1 24 The one legged, barefoot, stunt water skiing team watches in helpless dismay as their tow boat sinks in a rush of bubbles.
  25 During the filming of "White Water", Greta, Gertrude, and Priscilla spurn unwelcome fan advances with their best one-legged back snub.
1 26 Upon raising and opening the curtains on his new beach house, Sebastian was horrified to discover that his gauche friends had "sandpipered" his yard.
1 27 Come on, guys...they said it was a three legged race!!!
  28 Are you sure this is how you get a leg up in the world
  29 So this is the way to build up your leg muscle, huh?
  30 1 little, 2 little, 3 little legs... 4 little, 5 little, 6... hey wait a minute, something's not right here.
  31 As soon as we master the one leg up, we'll try two legs up.
1 32 Minerva had exacted her revenge. Carl, Irving, and Fernando were posing for her "Three at Big Sur" watercolor while she was well on her way to Fresno with their wallets and credit cards.
  33 "Jellyfish?? Where??"
1 34 They warned us beach front property could cost us an arm and a leg. Lucky us, we have no arms!
3 35 "Flamingo Wanna-Bes". 
7 36 Rupert had no idea that his clumsiness would start a fad when he inadvertently super-glued his foot to his butt.
  37 Punk waterfowl display their general distain by giving passersby the "one legged salute".
  38 Man this is fun! How do we get paid for this?
1 39 Big Sal and Joey the Dipper dispose of 3 snitches in their trademark manner: Tying one leg up and a cement overshoe for the other planted in the path of the rising tide.
1 40 Realizing that they were males and therefore could not "egg" each other on into the icy water, Ralph, Bob, and Sidney settle for one-upmanship.
  41 Dude, I'm felling pretty dizzy
  42 be unique! Stand out in a crowd
  43 life's a beach stand on one leg
  44 Keep a leg up
  45 Life's complicated, lift a leg
  46 Why follow when you can lead?
  47 When the tides of life roll in ... don't get both feet wet
  48 1, 2, 3 Jump!
  49 lift and lean the other way
2 50 your other left birdbrain...your other left!
  51 What were the odds again?
  52 I'm not going to fall...I'm not going to fall...
1 53 Nina, Amanda, and Lulu are practicing for their upcoming Rockettes show.  Lulu just can't seem to get her kicks on the right beat.
  54 If we just move a little closer we can appear to be one bird... that'll really impress Shelly.  Another doomed attempt to impress a female.
  56 In protest to the recent United States Presidential election, Oswald, Malcolm, and Finnegan show their defiance by portraying that the government no longer has a leg to stand on.
1 57 The Mexican Sandpiper Pantomime troupe perform their interpretation of a world famous "Flamingo Dance" number.
1 58 Birds like that are just too good to eat all at once.
1 59 Simon says...stand on your left leg...your other left.
  60 Try as he might, Bob was never quite able to be in step with the rest of the aerobics class.
  61 Ahhhh....If only we could be flamingoes for just one day!  I'd give one of my legs to be a pink bird!
1 62 Chaperones are for the birds!
  63 Grandma smells like mustard.
  64 Thad and Megan secretly wondered if the 'newcomer' to the beach club really stood 'both ways.'
  65 True to his non-conformist nature, Lance  stood his ground while the others gawked enviously.
  66 "Bird Golf".......Fore!!!
  67 Olympic finalists one legged ass kickers aviary division

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